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What Jonathan Gold Taught ASFS Food Scholars

The 2017 ASFS/AFHVS conference at Occidental College included a writing workshop with Laurie Ochoa and Jonathan Gold, one of our most important food writers, one devastating to lose.

As but one tiny way to honor him—his words, writing, perspective, impact, and legacy—here are live-tweets from the workshop, “Dessert is Not an Ending: Food Writing in the Age of Instagram.”

More a gorgeously meandering, quirky conversation than a linear lecture or a task-oriented workshop, Laurie Ochoa and Jonathan Gold pondered with us—a group of food studies academics—our current food moment, taking in the power of place and people, definitions of authenticity, social media’s impact, the art and labor of writing, and the still untapped but ripe and exhilarating potential that exists where academic theory, deep context, visceral detail, and food writing meet.

IMG_8460 (1)

An incredible honor to meet and learn from Laurie Ochoa and Jonathan Gold.

Much will be, and should be, written about Jonathan Gold in the days and weeks to come. Reading his words and those written about him will be one way to process our grief, but I am also moved by Gustavo Arellano’s call in his op ed in the Los Angeles Times:

Don’t mourn his passing too long. The best way we can honor his legacy is by living in the Southern California he wanted all of America to know: a big ol’, multihued, ever-delicious bowl of stew. Or plate of fessenjoon. Or giant taco. So eat.








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