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TV Appearances

  • BBC Ideas, “The Science Behind Why Donuts Are So Hard to Resist,” July 20, 2020. Watch here
  • Ugly Delicious, Netflix, “Steak,” Season 2, Episode 3, March 2020. Watch here.
  • CBS This Morning, “Food Can Be a High ‘Steaks’ Gamble on the Campaign Trail,” December 31, 2019. Watch here.
  • Fox23, Tulsa, “How Social Media Impacts What You Eat,” November 7, 2019. 
  • Dan Yorke State of Mind (My RI-TV & Fox Providence), “Thanksgiving Food Culture,” November 25, 2019.  

Online Videos

Podcast & Radio Appearances


Media Mentions

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  • Philadelphia Magazine, “5 Easy Ways to Eat Healthy on a Budget,” September 13, 2019. Read here.
  • Interviewed Dr. Andrew Ruis on his book, Eating to Learn, Learning to Eat: The Origins of School Lunch in the United States, for The Society for the History of Children and Youth podcast, March 2019. Listen here.
  • Oldways Whole Grains Council, Caroline Sluyter, “Whole Grains as Traditional, Sustainable, and Authentic: Highlights from Our Seattle Grains Conference,” November 21, 2018. Read here.
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