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  1. emilycontois says

    Hi Anthony. I’ve written a post with tips for how to write a statement of purpose. I hope it’s helpful. Best of luck as you apply!


  2. SalutNutrition says


    I love the way your site looks! So pretty! I recently started actively blogging. I’m a registered dietitian in NY. Do you have any recommendations on books to read that deals with the history of food, food practices, food culture and food anthropology?

    Thank you!


    • emilycontois says

      Hi there!

      If you’re looking for a fantastic overview textbook, I love Food & Culture: A Reader, edited by Counihan and Van Esterik. It includes articles on all the topics you’re interested in, so it would be a great place to start. It’s currently in its third edition, so earlier editions can be very affordable to purchase used.

      Happy to recommend others if that doesn’t quite fit what you’re looking for. Thanks for reading and commenting!


      • SalutNutrition says

        Thank you do you have any more suggestions on books ?


      • emilycontois says

        For Food Anthropology, check out books and articles by Carole Counihan, Rachel Black, and Rich Wilk. For Food History, anything by Warren Belasco is fabulous. I also love all of Laura Shapiro’s books, especially ‘Something from the Oven.’


      • SalutNutrition says

        Thank you! I’ll be sure to check them out


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