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Presenting the New, Online Graduate Journal of Food Studies

I’m pleased, thrilled, delighted, [insert enthusiastic verb!] to present the new Graduate Association for Food Studies website, which I had the pleasure of building with support from my colleague and friend, Brad Jones.

The new website features our now fully digital Graduate Journal of Food Studies. While the Journal has always been open access and available as a beautifully designed PDF, we are excited to move the journal into its next stage, where we endeavor to lead the way in online publishing with food studies scholarship that is peer-reviewed, rigorous, engaging, and decidedly interdisciplinary, as well as gorgeous, flexible, and sharable.

With these goals in mind, we’re also launching a new section of the Journal called Food-Stuff, which invites a variety of food studies scholarship outside of the traditional academic article. Food-Stuff pieces may take the form of field notes, archival reports, commentaries, interviews, and photo essays. We also welcome proposals for additional creative formats.

On the new website, you’ll also continue to find information about GAFS, our membership benefits, and how to join the premiere international graduate student association for the study of food.

Take a click around. We can’t wait to hear what you think—and if you’re a graduate student and would like to submit your work or get involved, we’d love to hear from you.

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