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Social Media Lessons for Aspiring Public Intellectuals

I attended several fascinating panels at the 2016 OAH Annual Meeting here in Providence this past weekend (check out #OAH2016 on Twitter), and also learned some very helpful lessons from “Navigating Social Media and Traditional Media,” organized and chaired by seasoned publicist Sarah Russo. (She also shared her social media knowledge at least year’s OAH on the panel, “Media Training for Historians,” which you can watch here).

Her three fellow panelists at this year’s conference were:

Here are the top five things I learned about how academics can be accessible public intellectuals on social media, which is increasingly becoming part and parcel of what we do:

I also chatted with Sarah after the panel, and she made the interesting point that we don’t necessarily need to talk about “Twitter for academics” as a separate subculture of social media with its own norms and strategies. It’s more about how we as people and professionals across various fields use social media to connect, communicate, and transform.

If you’d like to learn more about what was covered during this session, my live tweet feed is below. (Any errors of interpretation or transcription are my own.) And I’d love to hear, what are your tips and strategies for using social media?

Top Image Credit: Katherine Hysmith


    • emilycontois says

      I’m equally glad I could make it – and you’re so welcome, Sarah! Many thanks for sharing your social media knowledge with us.


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