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Food News Round Up: On Obesity, Eating Rodents, & the Economy (Yes, in that order)

Image from: past couple of weeks have provided fecund fodder for the food news enthusiast.

Any fan of the CDC’s year-by-year ever-increasing obesity map will be intrigued that the 2011 data was released recently, alongside other obesity news. The news also turned up studies of disgust, which you can explore firsthand in articles on cooking up rat and squirrel. And finally, the struggling economy continues to affect life in the U.S. and abroad, especially dining trends.

So, dig in to this edition of Food News Round Up…

Food and Obesity

Obesity remains a key issue both culturally and politically, especially with the release of the CDC’s most recent obesity statistical analysis.

Food and Disgust

Disgust is an always interesting element of eating. Would you consider rat or squirrel?

Food and the Economy

As the ‘Great Recession’ continues to be felt by citizens across the globe, the restaurant industry also tightens its belt.

Delightful Leftovers

These tidbits of food news defy categorization this week, but should still satisfy.

This post was originally published as part of a recurring feature called ‘Food News Round Up’ on the Gastronomy at BU blog

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