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15 Delightful Ways to Celebrate Julia Child’s 100th Birthday Today

Food lovers the world over adore Julia Child — and as a current student in the Master of Liberal Arts in Gastronomy program at Boston University, which Julia co-founded with Jacques Pépin, I can’t help but feel more intimately connected to her now than ever before.

I also recently had the opportunity to learn more about Julia from her personal assistant of nearly 16 years, Stephanie Hersh, a food legend in her own right. You can read the Stephanie Hersh profile (hot off the press today!) on the Gastronomy at BU Blog.

And while you’re at it, check out these fifteen (Get it? Her birthday is August 15!) delightful ways to engage all of the senses in celebrating Julia Child’s 100th Birthday today — and everything about her that lives on.


Look, Watch, Scroll



Cook and Eat

  • Whether you can book a reservation for Julia Child Restaurant Week, cook one of her recipes, or simply honor her legacy by cooking a delicious meal from scratch, celebrate Julia by cooking and eating something delicious.

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