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Sink Your Teeth into the First Edition of the ‘Graduate Journal of Food Studies’

I could not be more thrilled to have my paper, “Not Just for Cooking Anymore: Exploring the Twenty-First-Century Trophy Kitchen” published in the first edition of the Graduate Journal of Food Studies, which came out today. In case you’re new to the journal, the Graduate Journal of Food Studies is “an international student-run and refereed journal dedicated to encouraging and promoting interdisciplinary food scholarship at the graduate level. Published bi-yearly in digital form, the journal is a space for promising scholars to showcase their exceptional academic research. The journal hopes to foster dialogue and engender debate among students across the academic community. It features food-focused articles from diverse disciplines including, but not limited to: anthropology, history, sociology, cultural studies, gender studies, economics, art, politics, pedagogy, nutrition, philosophy, and religion.” The Graduate Journal of Food Studies also includes a Book Reviews section. Graduate students interested in being part of the journal’s second edition may submit an original food-related essay by May 31, 2014. Now, get ready to sink your teeth into the fabulous first edition of the Graduate Journal of Food Studies!