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Boston Strong: What’s Dunkin’ Donuts Got To Do With It?

When I blogged last week, I was obviously looking forward to the Boston Marathon—to the day when nearly the entire city hits the streets to cheer on the elite and the amateur, as we all celebrate Patriots’ Day on our feet. Instead, last week was a harrowing series of days for Bostonians, every one of us linked in someway to someone who was hurt or killed. As a city we mourned, but by Friday, as a city we celebrated—though those lost will never be forgotten.

During the manhunt that transpired on Friday, April 19, it was reported by BuzzFeed and The Huffington Post that Dunkin’ Donuts stores remained open during the city-wide lockdown to serve police officers and first responders. Having researched Dunkin’ Donuts coffee culture previously and powerfully aware of its meaning to Bostonians, I quickly wrote an essay on the open doors of Dunkin’ Donuts, serving as a caffeine and sugar-fueled heart of the city. I’m very excited that it was published this morning by The Inquisitive Eater, an online food journal published by The New School.

I invite you to read the short essay, “Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee: A Site and Source of Bostonian Identity Even During a Lockdown,” and to celebrate Boston with all of us (some of us newly) proud to call ourselves Bostonians.

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