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Food News Round Up: Celebrate and Assess the Half

We recently passed the approximate half-way point of summer, a fact worth celebrating in a half-glass-full kind of way — and a reason to perform a mid-point status check. Are you making it through that reading list? Have you spent enough time at the beach? Have you tried at least half of those recipes you’ve been marking, saving, and creating?

If not, you have approximately another half to go; plenty of time to fit in everything you planned for your summer. Regardless, you can enjoy these “half and half” edition of Food News Round Up.

Research: 1/2 Science + 1/2 News Reporting

Media coverage on eating behavior research abounds, but the relationship between science and science news is often tenuous. These three studies were reported in the media this week and are presented here with the study or abstract to ensure research integrity.

Food Policy: 1/2 Foreign and 1/2 Domestic 

Food policy news this week spans both international and US concerns:

Food and Culture: 1/2 the Arts + 1/2 Cuisine

This week provides a veritable smorgasbord of interesting tidbits involving food and culture, divided between the visual and linguistic arts and culinary trends:

This post was originally published as part of a recurring feature called ‘Food News Round Up’ on the Gastronomy at BU blog

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