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Graduate Journal of Food Studies Seeks Book Reviews Editor

UPDATE | November 3, 2016

I’m  thrilled to welcome Edwige Crucifix as our new book reviews editor at the Graduate Journal of Food Studies. Learn more about her and the rest of our editorial board here. If you’re interested to be involved with the Journal, we have other opportunities, like serving as a peer reviewer; contributing your own article, Food-Stuff piece, or book review; or serving as a GAFS liaison at your institution. If you are interested to learn more about any of these other roles, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

As Editor-in-Chief at the Graduate Journal of Food Studies, I’m pleased to share that we’re seeking a new associate editor of book reviews. If you’re a current graduate student at the masters or doctoral level working in food studies, this could be the editorial role for you. We’re looking for a polished and professional colleague who is passionate about and well-versed in food studies scholarship, an avid reader (and even better) experienced writer of book reviews, and someone who meets deadlines with extreme regularity and good humor.  The ideal candidate will be organized, self-motivated, responsive, and downright fun to work with.

The primary role of the book reviews editor is to provide guidance and feedback to book review contributors. Candidates should be familiar with major theories, authors, and areas of focus within the field of food studies. Candidates should also be familiar with the structure and objective of academic book reviews, and should be able to provide constructive feedback to authors about how to fit the form in terms of content, style, clarity, and grammar.

Other job responsibilities include contacting academic presses for books, maintaining a log of current and past reviews, maintaining a record of recent academic food studies books, responding to e-mails, and communicating with me, the Editor-in-Chief. The hours required per week varies. Expect 5-15 hours per week during the busiest months when we band together to publish our two fabulous issues per year, in the spring and fall.

If you’re interested to apply for this position, please email me, Emily Contois, at GJFSeditor [AT] with a full CV and cover letter stating your interest and experience. Interviews will begin immediately.

About the Graduate Journal of Food Studies:

The Graduate Journal of Food Studies (GJFS) is an international student-run and refereed journal dedicated to encouraging and promoting interdisciplinary food scholarship at the graduate level. Published bi-yearly in digital form, the journal is a space for promising scholars to showcase their exceptional academic research. The GJFS is published open-access online and is the official journal of the Graduate Association for Food Studies.

The Journal hopes to foster dialogue and engender debate among students across the academic community. It features food-centric original research articles from diverse disciplines including, but not limited to: anthropology, history, sociology, cultural studies, gender studies, economics, art, politics, pedagogy, nutrition, philosophy, and religion. It also features engaging book reviews of groundbreaking scholarship in the field. In addition, the Food-Stuff section features shorter pieces of food studies writing not subject to peer review, such as field notes, archival reports, commentaries, interviews, and photo essays.

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